Given my studio name, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised the first time that someone asked me for a Ninja themed Wedding Cake Topper.

As with all of the cake topper themes, after one was made, other people found the concept irresistible enough to request their own.

And over time, I’ve done a few different poses for Ninjas on Cakes. Ultimately, I could make quite a few other poses as well, as they’re all custom made.  For whatever reason, all of these have featured a Ninja groom paired with a bride in a traditional white wedding dress.  I’m sure that some day, I’ll get to create a Ninja bride to go with it.


There’s the Ninja Dipping the Bride:


Then there’s the Ninja Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold.


Then I got to make a cute couple sitting at the edge of the cake (my studio lacks a suitable cake for photography, so here they are at the edge of a box instead).


And last is a concept I’ve only done once.  The Ninja is here to Surprise his Bride.  Or someone’s bride- I hope these two are together, because there are a lot of ways this scene could end poorly:


I even got to make one Ninja Cake topper that wasn’t for a wedding.  It was for a birthday cake for a martial arts instructor- basically, this guy is a legit real ninja: