Back when I was much younger, the very first miniatures game that I got into was Space Crusade.

Space Crusade was kind of a sequel to Hero Quest. It was a joint project from Milton Bradley and Games Workshop, and it is a dungeon crawl through a Space Hulk with squads of space marines fighting against a combined “chaos” force (combining most antagonists from 40k).

As a youth, I explored the art of conversions quite extensively, but ultimately this meant that I didn’t still have my Space Crusade set years later.

So I decided to reconstruct it, with two rules:
1- All bits were to come from my bits box
2- I would take opportunities to paint some of my forces as tributes to the various armies that I’ve painted for clients.

So, here are some of the results.

The Space Marine chapters here are Storm Lords and Salamanders. Both are forces that I’ve painted quite a lot. I wasn’t surprised that I had a chance to paint several Salamanders forces, since they’re one of the more popular chapters, but I also got to paint Storm Lords for more than one client over the years.

Storm Lords also represent one of the more challenging color schemes that GW has come up with, and presenting a new take on them was quite a challenge.

I’ve done quite a number of Chaos Space Marine forces, and for a while I was having difficulty deciding which legion I should use for my Space Crusade set.

But then I realized that Space Crusade doesn’t actually present the antagonist Chaos Marines as a unified squad. So each is from a separate legion that I’ve painted for a client at one point or another.

The Chaos Androids were an odd one. While a lot of people figure that the Android was the basis for the Necrons, that isn’t necessarily the case. So when I started creating androids for Space Crusade, I got really creative with the science fiction horror aspects to them. I was quite pleased with the results.