Papa Nurgle’s Rust

Something about Nurgle is always fun. Maybe it is the way that steel aspects start having flesh like diseases.

One of the main aesthetics of this force was the rust. For most of the metals, I created a very rusted surfaces with only chips of shining metal showing through. I’ve become very fond of this look for rust, although most forces don’t really call for it (not a whole lot of armies would keep using gear when it has been maintained this poorly).

I imagine that it is Nurgle’s blessing that keeps the rusted blades from falling apart the moment they hit enemy armor.

Also, Obliterators really work well with the same Nurgle aesthetic, even though they’re technically a minor cult and not true followers of Papa Nurgle.

Since I love the way that Nurgle minis blend together elements of flesh and armor, I took each unit individually and decided whether the armor color should be mainly flesh or rust. For the flesh tone, the color is green, but the shading is done in a deep red, and the highlights are in a flesh-tone- giving them an unhealthy look.

The rounded out this composition with some cold light grey detailing. This helps the composition quite a lot, since otherwise these minis could end up with far too much medium brown.