I’ve done a number of cake toppers where brides and grooms (especially brides) have had me give them house scarves, and often wands to go with them.

I’ve really enjoyed making them, and I really like seeing what house they’ve been sorted into. So far, I’ve had brides from all four of the original houses, but no one has had me match any of the American houses yet.

This bride wears glasses like this all the time. They aren’t a prop.

I like to think that she wears the scarf all the time too.
Her courageous stance make me think she was selected for the right house.
This bride had me put a house robe over her wedding dress. There’s house pride for you
These brides also wanted to wear house robes. Nice to see they could put aside the feud so we could seethe green and silver standing by the scarlet and gold.
These two preferred that I not match their wedding attire. Or at least these are the outfits they had me match (we can hope this is how they dressed on the day)