Kissing Gamers Wedding Cake Topper

The way I started making wedding cake toppers was kind of a process. Really, it started out with someone realizing that I could sculpt, and asking me to make a cake topper with a zombie bride and groom in a gas mask. It was very romantic.

After I made that one, other people came to me for the same sort of thing, and pretty soon I started exploring many of the different things I could do with them. Mostly the ideas come from my clients- someone would ask me “Can you do X?” The answer is usually “Yes, and that would be awesome!” (my clients have some really cool ideas).

Every topper that I’ve made was custom made for a specific couple, but some of the concepts and poses have resonated enough that other couples ask for something similar.

This is one of the classics. I call it “Kissing Gamers.” And I always feel like I can relate- since my wife is definitely my favorite Borderlands partner.

`This couple also decided to include their pet.

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