Gloomhaven is a little bit absurd. Since Isaac Childres was including standees rather than miniatures, he really didn’t feel like he was very restricted in the number of monsters to include in the game.

The result is that turning all of Gloomhaven into a chibi game requires that I make over two hundred and fifty miniatures.

Yeah- I feel a bit absurd for doing that.

So here are some of the bosses that I made. I’m not including any of their names or the scenarios that they’re encountered in because those are definitely considered spoilers, but their images are usually considered benign (since every player sees them when they punch out the standees).

Naturally, all of the appearances of the hidden characters are considered major spoilers, so here are links to the chibis I made of them.

Lightning Bolts
Two Miniatures
Angry Face
Music Note
Concentric Circles
Three Spears