Here are a few minis from some of the varies Chaos Space Marine armies that I’ve painted for Warhammer 40,000.

I’ve always loved chaos for the variety of themes that they use, which can suggest a lot of great paintjobs and conversions.

These are from a Nurgle force that I painted. For these minis, I went for some extreme pure-rust or verdegris on all of their metals.

This next one is from a very different Nurgle force. The decay look is present, but expressed differently. I also really enjoyed the fly conversion.

I got to paint up a wonderful Emperor’s Children force. This force has been around from the beginning, and their official color scheme has gone through a lot of iterations.

This force went with primarily purple and black, but the leopard prints in green that harken back to some of the older schemes for the force.

I’ve always thought that the quartered color schemes were a bit odd, but I found that I really enjoyed painting the Sons of Malice space marines with their checker board pattern.

The Iron Warrios, of course, thrive on their vehicles and armor.

The Night Lords have always been interesting to paint with their lightning designs.

But Tzeentch probably remains my favorite side of Chaos.