Most of what I like to do with the wedding cake toppers is include the things that are important and unique about the happy couple. What makes a cake topper special is how well it includes the things that make that couple unique and special.

I am often very interested in matching the unique aspects of a bride’s dress, or the hair styles and skin tones on the bride and groom, but I’m also very happy when there are other aspects to match.

One of the things I frequently add are pets. They’re often complex, but matching pets to photographs really helps.

With this particular couple, I was also able to match a tattoo design on the bride’s arm

This couple actually had an alpaca at their wedding. It was fun making the alpaca match the post apocalyptic look for the topper
Sometimes, a couple will have me match their characters rather than themselves. This couple met playing an MMO, so I got to match their fantasy characters