I’ve continued on with Starcadia Quest miniatures, still using a sort of comic lineart style-bright colors with black outlining. I’ve especially loved the way that some of these remind me to create some Borderlands fanart in chibi.

The style is loads of fun, and I really love how metabreaking it is when compared against some of the other paintjobs I’ve also been doing. I don’t think this style is ideal for every game or mini, but it certainly works for these ones.

One of the biggest differences is that the hard line edging on the gun and armor is all done in black rather than a highlight color
I found some places to line the minis where I did not expect them- like the places where this mini’s fur and his ears come to edged points
The lining really shows up less on minis with darker compositions. For a lot of them
, I’ve been lightening up colors to help the black lines pop.
For some of these minis, I used Borderlands art as reference.
I started painting this one with NMM silver tentacles, but the mini just did not pop properly. He needed the strong contrast that green tentacles gave him.
Black lining folds in the fabric really changes the composition quite a lot- and allows you to use super bright colors without feeling overboard
I was kind of surprised at how much this style seems to work along with adding textures in the paint like these stars or the fur on Babakka
With darker colors and few hard edges, this mini does not emphasize the style nearly as much as some of the others
In direct contrast, this one had loads of lining that I emphasized. For his composition, I used the Borderlands Hyperion color scheme rather than the old Battlestar Galactica one
Which is why I decided that Starkid should dye her/his hair
The pattern on her hat was not freehand, but with all of the lining, it doesn’t stand out as such.
I’m still experimenting with ways to express “black” using this technique. I feel that this is the piece that changes the most, since I clearly cannot use the standard approach of leaving most of the area dark or pure black and highlighting the sharpest points.

So far, I’ve been painting the mini with a dark blue grey or red grey and then highlighting mostly with the opposite color. This definitely comes out too light for ‘black’ without a lot of lining afterward, but I find that the results are working so far.

I have a whole set of Xenomorphs to work with this and see how far I can push it and still appear ‘black.’

Those Xenomorphs already have a nemesis