Chibi Flower Knight

When I first started making Kingdom Death characters in chibi form, one person pointed out to me how much he was looking forward to seeing the Flower Knight.

I realized at the same time that the Flower Knight would look brilliant, but was also a very challenging prospect (and the mini is easily among my very favorites from the line. It has taken me a while to get around to making him, but I’m quite proud of the result.

I felt from the start that I wanted to make the Flower Knight’s base special. At one point, I got the idea that little hands painted pink would look like flowers, and I knew from well before the start that I wanted to include some butterflies.

Choosing a color scheme for painting was also something of a challenge. I normally try to paint the Kingdom Death chibis in iconic color schemes, and it was hard to tell whether the Flower Knight should have silver or green armor. Both have been done very well by a number of fantastic painters over the years, and the official artwork shows both (and some of the in game descriptions involve his armor shifting colors). In the end, I decided chose the vibrant green (with some hints of magenta and purple in the shading).

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