A while ago I started an absolutely bonkers huge project to create Chibi miniatures for everything in Gloomhaven.

It was bafflingly huge and tons of fun to convert the heroes and all of those monsters. After that was finished, creating the monsters and heroes unique to Jaws of the Lion seemed like a simple thing in comparison. Quite a lot of the monsters are reused, and a few are clearly meant to work with another type of enemy group’s concept (and just needed their rules to change to get rid of things like summoning).

Here are the first three heroes from Jaws.

The magically scarred portions of the Voidwarden can easily look like simple shadows if you just glance at the artwork. With the larger scale on this minis face, that aspect of her really comes to the forefront
The axe flinging Inox Hatchet has a kind of classic almost cowboy look that reminds me so much of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
I’ve never been sure what to make of helmets designed like this for horned characters. It seems to me like it would be extremely tricky to put it on or take it off.

And for context- here is what the rest of the Chibi Gloomhaven minis look like.

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