Lovecraft is well known for describing his monsters as indescribable masses of flesh and tentacles.

This leads to a really interesting creative space when it comes to making art and miniatures of his creations. Which happens surprisingly often. Here are a few examples.

For Cthulhu Wars, Sandy Petersen depicts tries to combine the descriptions of Yogsothoth- where he is described as a mass of flesh with tentacles and a mass of spheres or bubbles with tentacles.
So we have a mass of flesh with a hint of spherical shapes underneath. And some tentacles.

We also get some hint of a doorway beneath
On the other hand, Adrian Smith designed a very different Yogsothoth for Cthulhu Death May Die. This Yogsothoth is based on an attempted summoning in The Dunwitch Horror- where the Elder God was not able to manifest on the physical plane without a suitable part-human host. Which ultimately is depicted as a mass of fleshy somewhat human looking body horror bits with tentacles.
I guess the takeaway is that you always need some tentacles.