When Janci and I were engaged, she told me that she really wanted to sew her own wedding dress. She had the pattern, but had me go pick out some fabric with her.

At first I kind of figured I wouldn’t have a lot to contribute, since I won’t work with fabric, but we soon both learned that all of my experience with colors meant that I had a lot to say (this fabric is a slightly warmer white, etc). And while we did find some really great looking white fabrics, the best one looked stunning with a blue and gold brocade panel with dragons printed on it- and neither of us would deny that it just looked the best. So Janci’s wedding dress wasn’t all white.

I’ve really enjoyed making cake toppers for some of the brides who choose colors other than white for their wedding dresses. Some of these are tied to traditions, and some are specifically breaking from tradition.

This couple had a much older idea of “traditional” wedding clothes
This bride chose light blue for her dress
I love painting this shining silver dress
This bride had a lovely pink dress
This red dress covers up the splatter from the zombies she’s vanquished
This bride had a striking orange dress
The first topper I made featured a zombie bride in a red dress