I met my wife at a local game store when we were both invited to the same RPG group, so I’m always very excited when I get to make a cake topper for a couple with a similar story.

There are a few ways I’ve seen couples express their shared RPG fandom on their cake topper- some like to add in only a few trappings of their character or even props from the players while others have had me make a topper of the characters they play rather than of themselves -and often something in between with the bride and groom but wearing their characters’ outfits. And there have been a few times when I got to add in a dragon.

Here are a few cool cake toppers inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy RPGs.

This couple wanted the weaponry of their characters along with the D20 and a fun little animal companion
This couple wanted to wear full adventurer armor for their topper
This couple has character sheets and dice
This couple owned these lovely middle ages clothing and were married in them.

This couple got very specific with their armor- especially the leather that the bride is wearing. I don’t get to make as many orc brides as I’d like
Usually, dragons are antagonists on the toppers I make, but this couple wanted to have a dragon ally with them