I think there are more Spder-Man variants running around in the Marvel Universe than any other character.
Wolverine comes close- because there is always another Wolverine around. I know one comic featured a multiversal baseball game played between team Spider-Mans and team Wolverines.
Marvel United has decided to really celebrate the plethora of Spider-Mans by adding a new core box featuring mostly Spider-Man (separate from the expansion that was all Spider-Man variants).
I personally have always had a love for the black suit Peter used to wear.

As with most of the Mavel United I’ve painted, I used a comic book style that emphasizes black outlines.

Comic style black is always tricky, but I rather like how this one turned out.
Superior Spider-Man. When you want a Spider-Man that is explicitly superior to Peter
Silk- because more than one person can be bitten by a radioactive spider
Scarlet Spider- Peter’s clone from The Clone Saga
Spider-Man Noir. I can’t think about him except with a broody voice over