When I got King of Tokyo, I knew that I was going to need to find or create miniatures for it. There was just something of an inevitability to it- the game just seems to want them (despite the way that the game really doesn’t track any characters in space aside from “in Tokyo” or “anywhere else.”

The core King of Tokyo box uses the most common of kaiju archetypes like giant lizard, a giant gorilla, robot version of the giant lizard, etc. This was good because other kaiju games like Monsterpocalype had used those same archetypes. And I had some old Monsterpocalypse minis to start from.

While I never felt the need to match the artwork exactly for any of these, I did decide that I wanted them to be very recognizable. Some of them ended up being barely modified from the base Monpoc miniatures while others were built from loads of different bits and a good deal of sculpting with green stuff.