To commission work from Garden Ninja, send me an email listing the miniatures you’d like painted, the quality you’d like, your color scheme and any other requests.  You can be as specific or general as you’d like.  I will email to quote you a price for your project.

Prices are based on the size and detail of the miniature, and the complexity of the paintjob.

I offer three quality levels,  Display Quality, and Competition Quality and Half Competition (an in between standard).

These prices include basing the miniatures, but do not include assembly. If you would like me to assemble your miniatures as well, it will cost an extra $4-15 dollars per model (sometimes more for particularly large kits).

Display Quality Prices:

I recommend Display Quality for most army projects.  Display Quality involves extensive blending, and full detail work.  See examples here.

Small base Infantry- $9.99-39.99 ea   (Generally, character models are the ones on the higher end of this)
Larger base infantry, cavalry and bikes- $15.99-39.99 ea
Tanks, Monsters and Warjacks- $34.99-189.99 (depending on size and detail, some unreasonably enormous minis do run more).

Competition Quality Prices:

I recommend Competition Quality for showpiece minis in your army.  Competition Quality features extensive blending, effects and freehand, and a finely detailed blending.  See examples here.

Send me an email for pricing; prices vary depending on the project.


I can do anything from part swapping to extensive sculpting;  email me with your ideas and I will quote you a price.  (If the conversion is only swapping plastic parts from GW sprus, then it probably will not cost any more than normal assembly.)


Effects are available (OSL, blood, dirt, battle damage, etc.) , and are priced individually. Send an email for details, as the type and scale of the effect will determine the price. See examples of effects here.

I also take commissions for original sculpts.  Email the details of your project for pricing.

For dioramas, send me your ideas and I can give you a price.

If you don’t see what you’d like here, explain in your email and I’ll see what I can do.  As always, thanks for commissioning work through Garden Ninja.

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