Wyrd Miniatures has revealed that their booth at Gencon will be featuring two exclusive miniatures for us. One is Miss Pack (an alternate nurse miniature for McMourning) and the other is an alternate version of their new Master “the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits.”

We only have concept art for the nurse right now, and that’s just how that goes. But we do have a pic of the assembled miniature for Lord Chompy Bits. And he’s a crazy one.

This alternate sculpt is called the “Nightmare version” which right now looks like it follow the example of Privateer Press’ Extreme Sculpts line. He’s too enormous for Wyrd to just put him on sale normally (he weighs in at $60 as is) and he isn’t game changing- he’s more like a collectors’ item.

I’ve heard that he will work in gameplay just fine- pretty much exactly like the Extreme line, but I don’t have confirmation on that just yet.

And so far, we don’t actually know what the normal version will look like.

Anyway, have a look for yourself: