Wyrd miniatures had a few nice things going for them at this past Gencon- they were revealing a new board game based on their Malifaux setting, and some pretty impressive new items for their rather successful Malifaux line.

First off, lets talk about Puppet Wars.  Malifaux players will recognize all of the minis as voodoo doll versions of their characters.  I didn’t get a pic, but the Baby Kade puppet is actually a little larger than the Malifaux character.

The game itself features a hex board with a Master puppet leading each side.  The most interesting mechanic is that you can actually disassemble a puppet (living or dead) and use a “work bench” to upgrade another puppet using the leftover bits.

And of course, the minis are this terrific blend of creepy and cute.  Mostly, because that’s what Wyrd does well.  Good stuff.

Attendees will probably have noticed that Wyrd’s prize support this year was rather fantastic.  Tournaments were often rewarded with Limited Edition nightmare minis (available at the con, and online during the event).

Now, all of the new Avatar minis were spoiled on the web, and I didn’t get pictures of all of those.  However, there were a few others that I hadn’t seen:

And last, but not least, we have Sonia Creid- alternate and avatar forms together.  At some point during gameplay, she’s rather likely to learn to breath fire.  Or breath firey dragons.  At any rate, most of the new avatar forms are pretty crazy like this.